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Company Overview
Genesee can help you increase productivity and cut manufacturing costs.

Genesee Manufacturing Company has been designing and manufacturing cutting tools for industry since 1908. Throughout our long history, we have introduced innovative products that help industry increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs with unique designs that are adjustable, versatile and easy to use.

Today, with headquarters in Rochester, NY, Genesee offers a complete line of adjustable, inserted blade hollow mills in a wide variety of styles and sizes, as well as tube deburring tools and special production tooling. These include our new GEN-DEX® tools, the first uniformly adjustable, positive rake, indexable insert hollow mills. We also offer the unique INDI-SQUARE Squareness Measuring Systems that rapidly indicate squareness and straightness with a minimum of effort and a maximum of accuracy. Our specialized products are the choice of customers around the globe, from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, to Western Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Genesee production tools can be successfully used to machine any material - such as steel, malleable iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron and others - on just about any machine tool, old or new, from automatics to CNC machining centers.

Mission Statement
Genesee Manufacturing will deliver expert hollow milling solutions and related products to help customers maximize productivity and profitability with products of the highest quality and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction in everything we do.

Count on the competitive edge of Genesee
Genesee Manufacturing offers you a unique combination of experience, innovation, product quality and dedicated service that gives us a distinct, competitive edge over other tooling manufacturers. We earned and maintain an excellent reputation through our steadfast dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction.